Monday, December 7, 2009

December Seventh

Wow! We are here already! One whole week gone. Christmas will be here before you know it!
Today I had an interesting experience, one that you will have to go to my personal blog to read. It is www.damazingmama/ Suffice it to say that I decided that I was not meant to be on the road this morning. I am ever so thankful for Gods protection.

Today's scripture is Colossians 3:15
Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.
I love that verse. It is so short, yet so full of meaning. I am able to let Christ's peace dwell in my heart. It is my choice to be frantic or peaceful. So many times I choose to fret, stew, get upset, or wallow in self pity instead of realizing that whatever happened was in God's controlled plan for my life, and that the chaos I am choosing to see it through doesn't have to be my only choice. I can choose his peace. How do I let his peace rule in my heart? By knowing him, and knowing that in his loving infinite wisdom, this trial did not take him by surprise, and that he knew I needed this to walk more deeply with him, so I trust him in the midst of it and let his peace be my rock.
Additionally, our families and churches should be a place of peace. It is amazing to me how selfishness on my part disrupts the peace of the whole family. We have to be so careful that our kids see a good example- of walking rightly, and humbly asking forgiveness when we don't- but that is for another discussion!
The rest of the verse seems to me like a little add-on. Like Paul was saying, "Oh yeah! And don't forget to be thankful. But that is so true, isn't it? That is one thing that we so often forget: to be truly thankful.
So one day this season, take your family and go watch a sunrise. If you live near the ocean on the east coast, maybe you could go down to the beach in the dark and watch it from the beach. Take along some hot cocoa, coffee or tea, and as you watch and sip, discuss what kind of mind thought all this up and created all we know. Then think about the fact that he humbled himself and became one of us. Only he could have devised such a plan. Can you imagine him saying, "hey! I think I will leave all of this (heaven) and become one of them. Then they will KNOW how much I love them!" Thin, if you are able, get some breakfast together. Continue the discussion about God creating all the varieties of food for us. Imagine: there are so many things that God knows that he has yet to reveal to us. We only see what is here and now. I think there are so many more varieties of flowers, fruits, foods, animals, beings, all kinds of things that God has yet to reveal to us. So give thanks and enjoy the bounty and your journey.

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