Sunday, December 6, 2009

December Fifth

Ok, I did it. I missed a day. With all the busy running because it was my youngest daughters birthday, a book signing, and one of my closest friends birthday, I missed it.
I usually get up early and have my 'tea time' in my garden with God and I missed that too. In fact, I usually get up around 5:00am and while it is quiet, try to communicate with God, then go back to sleep and get up around 8:00am and go to the garden, but I missed all of that. In the busy-ness of the day, I missed my time with God, and my blog with you.
My intentions were good- I planned on getting up in time to do everything I needed to do, and in fact I did, but it was raining, and the couch was so inviting, curling up next to the birthday girl and watching tv, that I abandoned my plan and vegitated. Now I am not saying that spending a little time with my daughter is bad. On the contrary; being the last of 5, I have little time to spend all alone with her, so this was a good thing. But abandoning God was not. The rest of the day was so busy and full that I didn't talk to him all day. I talked about him all day, but I did not spend the day "with him". Which is what I am trying to practice- living in his presence.
When I woke up this morning at my usual 5:00am, I had a little bit of a tummy ache. I think it was too much birthday. (either that or the bloomin' onion and cheezy fries at outback!) Anyway, I was talking to God about it, telling him that I was going to suffer today for my lack of propriety yesterday. As I was talking, he gave me the thought that I had eaten bad manna. I didn't think of him all day...didn't interact with him, just floated on the faith from yesterday. If I would have focused on him, I would be in much better shape both spiritually and physically this morning. He reminded me that my experience was like the children of Israel in the desert. They had fresh manna every morning. They could not keep it overnight (except on the Sabbath). If they did, it got rancid and was unfit for consumption. It would have made them sick to eat it. I believe that is a great reminder for us: We need to go to God with our hearts daily. He will supply what we need daily.But if we neglect him and try to live off yesterdays blessings, we will feel sick and eventually become malnourished and be ineffective for him.
I don't know about you, but I want to have fresh food. Tasty morsels from the hand of my loving provider. And when I go to him, he does not fail to show up.
Just so you know, I will post today the Advent Devotional for yesterday and today in one later today.
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May you have joy in your journey today, and don't miss it!

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