Saturday, December 19, 2009

December Nineteenth

Today is the 20th anniversary of my 29th birthday. I love having my birthday near Jesus' But I used to hate it. Getting your birthday presents wrapped in Christmas paper was bad. But it really stunk when you would get one gift and be told it was for both birthday AND Christmas. That happened more often than I would like to tell. I used to get so mad about that, and think to myself: well, your birthday is in July. What if I combined your Christmas present with your birthday gift...I tell you, I thought it just wasn't fair! Most of the time my birthday was just a part of the larger Holiday celebration that went from Thanksgiving to New Years. I used to get so disappointed. I got my hopes up every year. Great expectations.

Do you ever get disappointed with God? I am often disappointed, because I set up expectations, and do not communicate them well. I still have so much growing up to do. You would think by now, that I would be past those petty things, but I often get hurt because of my failure to articulate my desires and expectations. And sometimes it ends up that I place those feelings upon God.

Recently I have realized that although my life is wonderful, it has not turned out as I had hoped. There are many reasons for this, but that is unimportant. The important thing is my focus.

Colossians 3:18 Says:
Wives, submit to your husbands, as is fitting in the Lord.

This scripture follows the ones that talk about taking off the sinful nature and putting on compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Then he tells us to bear with one another, forgive and let love bind everything together. And that whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord.
Why do you think he puts all those things first, then tells us to submit to our husbands?

I think it is because we need to do all those things in order to be submissive. But it is more than that. We have to let go of the disappointments, the past and the present way things are so we can move on with God.

Lately I have had to put this into practice. If you walked in my shoes, you would think I have it all. Nice home, great kids, my husband home 24-7 to help with everything. And it is great. I am so blessed that I have nothing ever to complain about. But it is not what I expected. I have learned the hard way that all of this is great, but what is really important is not seen here on earth. It is what lies ahead on heavens shores. And I want this to be the entire focus of my life. No matter how things turn out, moment by moment, daily or even all together, I have to focus on his purposes; that they are higher, better and more wonderful than I can ever imagine.

So I am learning that when I get disappointed it is usually that I am micro-focused, and not looking at the big picture that God is trying to accomplish in my life. Ouch! That is so hard to for me to remember. I am so glad God is big enough to take my whining and complaining, and that he is faithful enough to show me the truth.
So today, do something special for your spouse or someone special in your life. I suggest something I read in a book somewhere. This older couple had a phrase that they used with one another. I am not going to tell you their phrase. You need to come up with your own. Write it down and pass it on to your mate. Sit down with your mate and tell them how much you love and appreciate them, and then explain to them that you are going to start something new. Whenever you give this phrase to them, they have to pass it back to you. Then you pass it back to them. Do it secretly and in different and fun ways. For example, you could write it in the steam of the bathroom mirror so that every time the mirror steams up, they see it. I like to write it on the mirror in lipstick. Or in the dust on the dresser! Or on a piece of paper on his pillow. You get the idea. For me, this helps put it into perspective. And takes the focus off of what he is doing wrong onto what I can do better. And makes me grateful for how wonderful my life truly is.

Now I love having my birthday near our Lord's. I love it being part of the larger celebration. I don't even mind having my gift combined...but it better be a good one! And don't tell my husband. He can't get off that easy! Unless, of course it is a huge diamond or maybe a new Lexus.......

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