Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day One of the 12 Days of Christmas

Today was one of the best days ever!

Traditionally, my family invites our neighbors over for a Christmas morning breakfast. This tradition was started by my mom, who is now spending Christmas in heaven. She used to have her next door neighbors over every Christmas to exchange gifts and have breakfast. My mom was a single mom, and after I got married, she was all alone, so her neighbors became like family. They took care of her yard, repairs on her home, did her hair (the wife was a hairdresser) and other things as they came up. They went to the same church, and shared so many things. In fact, when my mother had a stroke, it was the neighbor who found her on the floor and called 911. But I digress....

Anyway, when she died, I wanted a way to honor and remember her on Christmas. I also wanted to have a way to reach out to my neighbors and befriend them. So that year, we had our first Christmas breakfast.

This year was our 4th year. Now everyone expects it and looks forward to it. But this year, we were going to our family 2 hrs away on Christmas day. So I let all the neighbors know that the Breakfast was on the 26th. Which was today. And let me tell you, it was the best breakfast yet. Not only did we have some good food, but because Linda was here and it was the First Day of Christmas, we did the first day with all our neighbors. We got to clearly share our faith with all who were there!! It was so natural, and so easy. And it opened the door for some amazing discussion. We were able to answer and discuss deep spiritual truths with everyone. God was so present. I am so thankful and so blessed. And my heart is so full. I am so thankful. God is so good.

I cannot wait until tomorrow. What will he give us to do? And what will we do with it?

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes on him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

What can we give to the one who has everything? The only thing he needs and wants for is us. Thats why we were created. For friendship with God. Remember Adam and how God walked with him in the garden in the cool of the day? Thats why I feel so close to him in the garden, I think. I am just so thankful that he wants to be my friend and I have the opportunity to oblige him. It is the best and only thing that I have that he doesn't unless I choose to give it to him. That is what makes us different than the angels. He wants to be our friend and to make us his hands and feet in this world. He wants us to give him our friendship and our lives because he gave his for us. So that is my gift is to him today. I hope it is yours too.

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