Tuesday, January 5, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Day 12

Well, here we are at the 11th Day of Christmas. Linda and I are still on day 10 because of a couple of emergencies and difficult days that didn't afford us the opportunity to do it with our children, so we just postponed our celebration by a couple of days.
For those of you who will be finished, we are so thankful that you took the journey with us and it is our sincere hope and prayer that you entered this new year by dedicating your year to Christ, and that it is a year full of him in fresh, new ways.
Bless those who walked this new journey these past few days. Thank you for their dedication to you and to their families. We are so thankful for all you have done for us, and all you have blessed us with. We praise you for every spiritual blessing that you have bestowed upon us. May we give ourselves to you moment by moment, and may we be so content in you. May we desire you above all things and as we act on that desire, may we be so filled up with you that it spills out on everyone around us. Thank you for our families and may we have such love for you that they want to love you like that too.
In Jesus Name, Amen
Please keep checking back as we will be posting often, and please let us know what God did in you and your family during and after the 12 days. Linda and I will post for the next couple of days, and especially after our 12th night feast, so join us for that. Also, we will post pictures and/or video on the website.
By the way, I didn't post a scripture for today. As I said previously, we are reading Luke in our family Bible reading, and today we read Luke 1. We talked about Zechariah and Elizabeth, and how the Holy Spirit was with John even before he was born. I never realized how much work the Holy Spirit did BEFORE Christ came. I knew he was responsible for alot after Christ's ascention, but I did not realize what came directly before. In fact, he was responsible for Mary concieving Jesus. WOW! He sure has alot of power! More than I give him credit for. Linda has been reading a book about the Holy Spirit By R A Torrey and has been telling me some of the things he says, and I am amazed and almost embarassed about how little I know. So one of my goals is to learn who he is and his ways this year. I am so thankful for a friend who challenges me spiritually and helps spurn me on to growth.
Check out www.12daysbook.com for pictures, videos and even some new stories for the 12 Days of Christmas this year! We are so thankful for you!!

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